Our replacement or new tanks for domestic or commercial fuel storage are available in a multitude of sizes, please contact us

Tanks & Lubricants

Tanks and lubricants are essential accessories for domestic and commercial heating oil and fuel. Here at City Oil, we offer high-quality lubricants suitable for a range of products as well as tanks for the storage of oil and fuel. We can install all tanks that we supply, with delivery of fuels and oils always available.

At City Oil we stock a wide range of Lubricants for every sector:

Grease is normally available in, 400 grm, 500 grm, 5 kg, 12.5 kg & 50 kg, and can be supplied to domestic and commercial customers all over Co. Cork and the surrounding areas.

Fuel Storage Tanks?

Our replacement or new tanks for domestic or commercial fuel storage are available in a multitude of sizes, please contact us
Having a fuel tank on your property not only makes it more convenient to re-fuel your vehicles and machinery on-site, but could also help you to save money on your fuel in the long-term. Here at City Oil, we supply a range of fuel tanks and oil storage tanks for sale to suit all residential and commercial customers. Whether you need a new heating tank or want to install an agricultural diesel tank on your farm, we can help. Our team of professionals can help you choose the correct fuel tank to suit your individual needs and will look after all aspects of installation for you, allowing you to fuel up on-site or at home completely stress-free. We also supply a range of lubricants including general purpose grease, marine grease, copper grease, and more.
City Oil’s oil storage tanks come in a variety of sizes to suit both domestic and commercial oil and fuel storage. As well as providing smaller domestic tanks, we offer large tanks to suit commercial diesel storage systems. All of our tanks are delivered straight to your work premises, and can be installed by our team. To give you peace of mind, our tanks for commercial diesel are fully secure to prevent leaks and theft.
Contact the team today for more information on our oil storage tanks for commercial diesel
City Oil provides Cork heating oil tanks for customers in Cork and the surrounding areas for storing kerosene and home heating oil on your property.
Yes, absolutely! If you order a fuel tank from City Oil, we will deliver and install the tank for you. We have a range of tanks for residential and commercial customers.
The price of our cork fuel tanks vary depending on what kind of tank you’re looking for. Get in touch with City Oil today for a free quote on any of our fuel tanks for home, agricultural or industrial use.