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Sulphur-free gas oil is also known as SFGO or green diesel. Green diesel is used for the fuelling of non-road mobile machinery such as quarrying equipment, farm machinery, excavators, and tractors. One of the main benefits of sulphur free gas oil, or green diesel, is that it is almost sulphur free and therefore better for the environment. If you operate a factory or farm and need cost-effective green diesel, why not contact City Oil today? Our team can advise you on the best commercial diesel and fuel for your equipment, and offer flexible and cost-effective commercial fuel delivery options.

Sulphur free gas oil is also known as green diesel, and is used in the fuelling of agricultural machinery and equipment. This fuel is tinted green and is better for the environment as it is almost sulphur free.

Yes, here at City Oil we offer emergency deliveries of Cork agricultural diesel to farms in Cork and the surrounding areas. If you urgently need agricultural green diesel, get in touch with our team today who will do our best to facilitate you.
If you want to order green diesel from City Oil, call us on 021 422 2011, email or fill in a contact form detailing your requirements today. Alternatively, call or email us today for a free quote on all of our fuel.