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Marine Diesel

Diesel engines play a vital role in the leisure boating, trawling and shipping industries. City Oil knows the demanding schedules and needs of the marine business where minutes can mean the difference between heading out to sea and missing a day. Our fast and efficient marine diesel delivery service is available to customers based throughout Cork City and the wider County Cork area.

At City Oil, we offer top quality marine diesel, also known as marine gas oil, for marine engines only, in vessels such as boats, yachts, ships and even submarines! By using quality marine diesel sourced from City Oil, you are guaranteeing that your vessel will operate at optimum efficiency and have a long life. We also offer commercial heating oil which includes marine heating oil, ensuring that your boat remains warm and comfortable even in the coldest months of the year.

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High-Quality Cork Marine Fuel

Our marine diesel and marine heating oil are suitable for leisure boats and commercial marine vessels, with quality and cost effectiveness guaranteed every time. We sell marine diesel in Limerick and Cork designed to keep you boat going for longer at a great price.
As well as our marine diesel, City Oil's marine heating oil for customers in Limerick and Cork ensures that your marine vessel stays warm, cosy, and functional all year round.

When you order from City Oil, you are guaranteed quick response and a prompt delivery. City Oil trucks and our depots are some of the most efficient in Ireland. This means that when you order your marine fuel (sulphur-free gas oil/marine diesel) from City Oil, it will be delivered from your nearest depot – On time!

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Marine Fuel for All Vessels

Here at City Oil we pride ourselves on offering marine fuels to suit all boats and vessels large and small, including commercial trawlers and smaller leisure boats.

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