Maintaining your farm machinery is an essential part of Agriculture. Farm machinery plays a vital role in the productivity of your farm. If a piece of farm machinery breaks down, it can have a negative impact on your productivity and income. As well as this, machinery that is not well maintained can lead to property damage and injuries to workers operating the machinery. Of course, you may decide to upgrade your farm machinery and sell your existing machinery. It will have a higher resell value if you can show to potential buyers that it has been well maintained and serviced regularly. So it is clear the farm machinery on your farm needs just as much care and attention as your livestock. Tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors, irrigation equipment, vacuum pumps and other machinery can be costly to repair. It’s in your best interests to ensure that they are well maintained. 

City Oil have over 120 years of combined history and experience of supplying farms in Cork with agricultural fuels and products. We understand the vital role that farm machinery plays in the efficient running of the farm. We know that providing quality agricultural fuels and lubricants are key to keeping farm machinery in top shape. Here we are sharing some handy tips to practice on the farm on how to maintain your farm machinery. 


 There are many different workers needed to run a busy farm. It’s important to ensure that any workers that are operating farm machinery have been fully trained in operating and maintaining the machinery. This will mean that any issues with the machinery can be identified straightaway. This in turn will mean they are dealt with before causing long lasting or costly damage. You should ensure that the operating manuals are to hand. All workers should know where to access the manuals when needed. Having all farm machinery operators full trained up on the maintenance, safety and operation of the machinery will also reduce the risk of accidents on the farm. If you would like to read more about farm safety, you can read our handy Top Tips on Farm Safety here


Knowing your farm machinery inside and out will ensure that you can spot any signs of damage immediately and act promptly. Vibration, shock, overheating, friction and strange noises are all signs of wear or damage. These signs should not be ignored as they are the signs that something is wrong with your machinery. It is important to keep an eye or ear out for these signs so you can get your farm machinery serviced before a major breakdown happens. 


Rusting is can pose a huge threat to the longevity of farm machinery. Machines have to operate on the farm in all types of weather conditions. It’s inevitable that rust will build up on certain metals. When ignored, it eats away at the metal and reduces the machine’s efficiency. This will then result in poor productivity and costly repairs. To prevent rust from eating away at your equipment, store them in a cool, dry place after use. It is also recommended to apply a layer of wax or paint on machinery to protect the inner surface from moisture.


Using quality lubricants is key to maintaining your farm machinery. Nearly all machinery requires the use of lubricants, which minimises direct metal to metal contact. This in turn, protects engine parts against corrosion for longer lasting performance. That can be difficult because of harsh environmental and operating conditions such as heat, cold, dirt or water. It is important to use a good quality lubricant. You should always clear up dirt and messes found on the machine before adding new lubricant. At City Oil, we supply a range of quality lubricants aimed at prolonging the life cycle of your expensive machinery, increase their productivity, and saving you money. To find out more about the range of lubricants available for your farm machinery, read here


A tidy farm provides you and your team a safe place to work. First of all, if you ensure that your farm yard is regularly cleaned, you can easily spot any fresh oil or fuel leaks from your machinery. This could be your first sign that a piece of machinery needs your attention. Keeping the farm yard clean, organised and free of obstructions will reduce the risk of accidents when manoeuvring the machinery. It’s also easier to spot signs of damage or breakdown on machinery that is kept clean and free of mud and dirt.

You can also do basic maintenance such as filter cleaning, build up removal of dirt, vacuuming and dusting. You should make sure to remove any foreign objects in the machine that could get lodged in the mechanics. Clean machinery is a sign of a well maintained and efficient farm. And of course, your machinery will have a higher resell value if it’s kept clean and maintained. 


On the farm, you will require marked gas oil for the running of your farm machinery. MGO is also known as tractor diesel, green diesel, and agricultural diesel). Using premium quality and cleaner fuels will ensure your machinery will have a longer life on your farm. At City Oil, we can supply your farm with agricultural diesel and road diesel (DERV). And of course we aim to offer them both at a competitive price. Whether you are an independent farmer, part of a farming group, or farming contractor, we have a fuel solution to suit your needs. We offer great deals on oils and fuels for powering your tractors, silage harvesters, and combines.


All farm machinery will require regularly servicing, and how often will depend on the type of machine and the usage. With such a wide variety of farm machinery on each farm, it can be difficult to keep track of when each machine will require a service. Put together a maintenance schedule for the farm with a calendar. This will ensure that nothing gets missed and you are fully prepared for the busy seasons. A maintenance or service schedule will help you keep track of which tasks need to be done and when. The schedule also provides you with a record of the past servicing and repairs carried out on all your machinery. Having a schedule for maintenance will also allow you to budget ahead for any repair and servicing costs. 


Of course, if you wish to order any agricultural fuels or lubricants, we are happy to fulfil your order here at City Oil. We fully understand the importance of delivering fuels to farms and businesses on time, especially during busy times. This is why we have invested in a fleet of trucks as well as a team of fully qualified, highly skilled drivers who are knowledgeable of all local routes. We can assure you that our drivers will always adhere to the safety guidelines when delivering your fuel to your farm. 

To schedule a home delivery, give us a call on 022-4222011 to speak to one of our sales team or you can email us on Unsure of which fuel to choose? Check out the full range of fuels available on our website or you may want to have a look at our parent company website We are one of the leading Cork Agricultural Diesel Suppliers and happy to manage your home heating oil needs. 

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