Which Home Heating Oil Is Right For You?

Here at City Oil, we often receive questions, particularly from those who have recently switched to an oil-based home heating system, around which oil is best suited for their home heating requirements.

For most modern households, there are two types of heating oil which are most commonly used, these are; kerosene oil and sulphur-free gas oil. Here we will outline the characteristics of both, hopefully clearing up some of the confusion around which of these is best for certain home heating systems. 


Kerosene oil is the most commonly used home heating oil in Ireland, as it is compatible with most modern oil boilers and is an energy efficient choice. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor oil boiler, kerosene oil is likely to not only be compatible with it, but is most likely to be the best option for your oil boiler. Kerosene is typically red or orange in colour.

Sulphur-Free Gas Oil

Homes which still have older oil boiler systems are more likely to use sulphur-free gas oil to fuel their home heating needs. Homes requesting sulphur-free gas oil is less common than those who need kerosene oil, as gas oil is generally seen as outdated.
City Oil supplies and delivers both kerosene oil and sulphur-free gas oil, so no matter your home heating requirements, we will be able to accommodate your request. Place an order through our website.
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