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City Oil

Energy On The Move

Established in 2008, City Oil is owned and operated by its parent company, West Cork Oil Company Limited. The parent company was founded by its present owners in 1988 and has since gone from strength-to-strength, establishing an enviable reputation for outstanding customer service, efficiency and cost-effectiveness which have made the company a major player in oil distribution throughout County Cork.

The delivery drivers are friendly, highly qualified and extremely well trained and they are supported by an ultra-modern, fully equipped and superbly maintained vehicle fleet. Vehicles are radio-controlled, satellite-tracked and backed by a fully computerised package which permits drivers to access account and order information at the touch of a button. The highly skilled office staff are price conscious, customer orientated, efficient and dedicated to provide complete customer satisfaction. We offer a range of different fuel and oils to customers including Cork road diesel, home heating oil, commercial diesel, commercial heating oil, marine diesel, marine heating oil, agricultural diesel, and more.

Owners Michéal and Kathleen Kirby summarise the objectives of their Companies as follows:

“We are a family-run business and we aim to ensure that we continue to excel in standards of customer service. To this end we will strive to provide a prompt response with efficient and safe deliveries at the most competitive prices.”

Need an urgent delivery?

Let us know that the order is urgent and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Home Heating Oil

At City Oil we supply both kerosene oil and sulphur-free gas oil, both are ideal options for all types of your home heating oil needs.

Agri Diesel

City Oil offer a market leading agricultural oil delivery service, fuelling the farms of our customers based throughout Cork.

Marine Diesel

At City Oil, we offer top quality marine diesel, also known as marine gas oil, for marine engines only, in vessels such as boats, yachts, ships and even submarines!

Why Choose Commercial Fuel From City Oil?

Here at City Oil, we pride ourselves on supplying customers with the best commercial fuel, marine fuels, and agricultural fuels Cork. Our team are experts when it comes to supplying commercial oil, ensuring that your delivery comes quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle. We offer flexible deliveries on all fuels to ensure that you’re never left without commercial fuel, with great prices always guaranteed.
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We supply home heating oils (kerosene and sulphur free gas oil), agri diesel and marine diesel.
Yes, we provide an efficient delivery service and track our delivery trucks for improved accountability.
Thanks to our vast fleet of delivery trucks, we are able to deliver home heating oil, agri diesel and marine diesel to customers throughout Co. Cork and the surrounding areas.